Quiet Expressions are my unpublished works

Collections of snippets related to my life describing my thought process and perspectives

  • We all crave for it. we want our friends, family and society to accept us the way we are and the pattern which we follow when we do something. It feels good when we do something new and the world around you accepts it. That’s what we ultimately crave for, sometimes more than success itself. But when there is less acceptance to what is produced that’s when we tend to change the approach. It's not bad to modify certain things but sometimes we change so much in ourselves that we tend to forget who we really are.

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    Human beings are capable of impressive feats but most of us are not even performing any kind of feat, forget impressive. It might be related to the way we understand things, the way we perceive the world around us or sometimes might be even genetic. Whatever may be the case, it is possible to overcome (rather than overlook) the reasons for the way we do or be. The first step is to accept ourselves, completely.

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    Tetris Vision

    The next evolution...

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    Virtual Invasion

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    Artificial vs Authentic