You can't run away from who you really are

We all crave for it. we want our friends, family, society to accept us the way we are and the pattern which we follow when we do something. It feels good when we do something new and the world around you accepts it. That’s what we ultimately crave for, sometimes more than success itself. But when there is less acceptance to what is produced that’s when we tend to change the approach. Its not bad to modify certain things but sometimes we change so much in ourselves that we tend to forget who we really are.

The funny aspect about who you really are is that no matter how far you go away from it, you tend to come back to it. you think about it in ways you can’t understand and it keeps on pricking your mind when you encounter something that reminds you who you truly are.

If you observe or have observed in your life, you will find interconnected signs that appears in a defined pattern that seem random. The signs might have come as dreams which you remember vaguely or you felt it as an emotion when u listen to a particular melody. There is a powerful science behind these signs that only Quantum Physics or Ancient Vedas can explain. Its always there, hinting you, haunting you of who you truly are.

buddha image

You can be someone who makes simple paper origami that inspires a kid with new ideas or someone who found a way to create unlimited energy without harming the environment or even someone who puts in years of effort in growing a tree just to pluck and smell it’s flower. When you realize who you truly are, it can either be aligned with your life goals and aspirations or it can be totally opposite to what you currently are doing, have spent time learning and out of your comfort zone.

That’s when you start feeling stuck, contemplating whether to take the risk to pursue who you truly are or continue with what you are doing. If you choose the latter, you remain in your comfort zone but you cannot escape from the interconnected repeated signs which pops up constantly all through your life. On the other hand, if you choose to become who you truly are, you will feel alive while you are alive and feel worthy. Isn’t it something we all deeply desire?

So who are you…really?