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I’m Shashi Kiran. I transform ideas from paper to product.

Shashi Kiran is my name. My friends call me Shashi. I am a self-taught programmer, product strategist and manager, google cloud consultant, flutter developer, technology enthusiast, story writer and avid meditator.

Holding on to a healthy zeal and currently working in Shaale Private Limited as the company’s CTO, I get a chance to work with a small team of developers and together we have built multi platform media and streaming product which currently streams the best of Indian classical music, literature and art forms. As a CTO and since it is a startup, my role has varied a lot. I handle product strategy, project management, product feasibility, the overall architecture, the best way for certain functionality to be built, technology planning (what to use and how to use it best), database structure and design, security. I also take care of the complete Google cloud infrastructure on which the company product is running, from what cloud technology and services to be used to how efficiently manage the costs (implement the best configuration, monitor spikes in traffic and setup alerts for a variety of services). Apart from this I also have built other automations and products such as automated billing and invoicing, service booking with complete payment gateway integration, user management, integration with third-party invoicing software, automated mail campaigning and so on.

Along with my biggest strengths which are my creativity and ability to think above and beyond when it comes to creating a product, I can also build and code from ground up by incorporating new technologies while keeping in mind core functionality, scalability and usability. I can expertly consult the best way for an idea to be converted from paper to product. I love to find out how things work and tinker and tweak with new and experimental technologies and ideas to make things better.

Spend most of my free time working on ideas, inspirations, my goals and writing my stories (fictional). My friends who know me know that I am a story writer. I can write, for every major, a love story and for every minor, a tragedy. I am a fictional writer and have written many number of stories and short movie scripts. My poems have got a lot of positive feedback and it is going to be published in my upcoming books.

Having gifted myself the habit of meditation, the best gift in this lifetime, I started mediating at a very young age and found out early that there is within each of us a place where we can just be. Learnt a lot of different ways of mediation and breathing techniques to calm the mind and over the years developed my own style to take a pause from the overwhelming sensory, visual and physical reality and dive into blissful nothingness where you get, well... nothing!.

Immense respect to my ancestors. I believe they were more capable, intelligent, advanced, humble and gutsy thereby, more powerful than us living today. Being an Indian (Bharathiya), I have experienced and witnessed a large number of ancient cultures and diversity beyond anywhere I have seen. There is so much cultural richness and vast validity of what had been, the immeasurable life energy and ancient knowledge that exists in the land I was born and raised, is beyond what anyone can comprehend and I believe, I bring that energy, creativity, capability, courage and dharma to my work, my stories and my everyday living.

Quotes I remember everyday
Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.
If that does not help,
Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
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